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Monday, August 15, 2011

Penny Bargains

Ok Bargain hunters, if  you haven't heard already. My name is Mrs. Giglio....and I am a shopaholic! I especially love shopping for school supplies! This week I found my favorite bargain of the summer. It happens every year and it was advertised this week. One Cent folders at Office Depot. Office Max has them also but they limit you to five, Office Depot Limit is 10. So today Mr. Giglio and I trekked to 3 different Office Depots buying our limit of 10 folders each at each store a total of 60 folders so far!! One for Tasty Tuesday Recipes, one for Sentence Practice Homework, and one for my Parent Folders at orientation. I will probably go back to get more because I always use them through the school year. Another sale one cent for plastic rulers. Limit 5 so I have a total of 10 so far, the other stores were sold out. Always nice for the math center.

Parents stock up! They are not as good as the plastic/vinyl folders that can last from year to year but at this price I would buy 2 or 3 of the required colors on the supply list and you will be all set for when they rip or break down.

Oh and by the way... WalMart will price match! If you are shopping there bring the ad with you if you can (it makes it quicker)

Have fun shopping!


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