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Friday, January 9, 2015

The King of "ing" Day!

It was the king of "ing" day in our classroom (we were introduced to the "ing" chunk) 

I greeted the class at the door dressed up in my crown and robe with a enthusiastic "good mornING" 

Everyone wanted to take a"selfie" with the king

We made a list of words we could think of that have the "ing" sound

 But then we discovered that the king was lost and we had to go on a search because the king was lost and couldn't find his kingdom! Luckily we had a map to follow that took us all around the building to find "ing" words. 

Finally we wrote our own "ing" words, sang some songs and made a crown so we could all be the king of "ing" for the day!

To sing the songs at home check out these links: