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Monday, August 22, 2011

Little Things

I am home recovering from surgery and there hasn't been much to do but worry about all the things that need to be done before school starts. In my building we have open house and orientation on the same day. It is overwhelming and causes me to panic every year because there is so much to do! Today I think I put a dent in some of the little things.

In my building each child receives a name tag for the first day of school. Each classroom is assigned a special symbol. My classroom symbol is the star. All the children wear a star nametag and for the first week of school the teachers meet the children outside at the busses. I carry a large star sign so the children and support staff staff can easily recognize "my" students. I love this system. It really helps us easily recognize the children right away, and helps the kids feel a little less nervous when all ney need to do is match the shape.

The next thing I finished was more for my bulletin board. I blogged about it a few weels ago when I finished my caterpiller. Today I completed the flowers. Each child's name is on a flower, then I am planning on taking a picture of each child and printing it so it looks like they are holding the giant flower. I promise to post a picture once it is all put together. I think it will be really cute.

Still left on the list...oh my lots to do! Orientation is next Wednesday, and school starts 2 weeks from tomorrow! Yikes!


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