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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bella Kids Consignment Sale

Ok local moms and teachers... this is for you! August 16-18 there will be a huge consignment sale with clothes, maternity wear, baby gear, designer bags, books, toys and more. The best part? it's FREE!!! I am so excited to stock up on some new fall clothes for my son but also look for some games, and activities for the classroom. Check out their Facebook page HERE for more info.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Learning

Summer is in full swing and school is just around the corner! What have you been doing at home to get ready for kindergarten? Probably more than you think, but need some fun ideas to break the boredom and get some learning done in the process? check out these ideas from Pinterest!

why not try an alphabet treasure hunt

Alphabet Treasure Hunt. A clever learning idea.  Love this!

Or play ABC hide and seek at the playground

ABC park scavenger hunt

Practice measurement with playdoh and a ruler
Cutting Play-Doh to Learn Measurements

Make water bottle lids into a math game for counting, number recognition even adding and subtracting

water bottle lids..Great idea for a math center!
Put salt, sand, or sugar (yummy) in a shallow pan like a cookie tray and have kids copy letters
DIY Salt tray with Alphabet Cards

Use balls or bean bags and toss to practice number sense

Bean bag toss game.  Would be great for an indoor rainy-day game.  Or in the garage if you're afraid of errant beanbags breaking stuff in the house.  Directions to make it on the website.

Play cards, even better, build with them

Having the kids build towers when playing the "war" card game helps differentiate the game

Make some word or letter ping pong balls. You can bounce and read them for a twist on reading practice

Use ping pong balls to teach your active learner sight words.  "Throw 'for' to me.  Throw 'so' to me."  Could float in water and fish out with net as well--> like the net idea

Easy Ways to Get Ready for Kindergaten

Check out this link:

33 Easy Ways to Prepare your Child for Kindergarten (and no flash cards required)


Have you been reading together this summer?

Why Read 20 Minutes? All parents need to read this. Really like the pictograph for visualization.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Social skills for kindergarten

I just came across this great blog post about what it takes to be socially ready for kindergarten. Many times we only think about the academic side, abc's and 123's but this is a great take on the top 5 things your child needs to be socialy ready. Check it out here:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Early Shopping

It has begun already! The 4th of July is just days past and the back to school sales are starting to pop up! 
So it's time to keep your eyes peeled for great deals, like this weeks 1 cent folders, glue and $1 scissors at Office Max. The limit is 10 but you know I will be going there (probably with my husband so he can make a separate transaction) to stock up on classroom essentials more than once this week!  

Let me know if you see any great deals!