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Monday, August 29, 2011

Easy Organizing

One thing teachers have a ton of...papers.
Quiz....What is the difference between homework and a work sample? Answer: one you have to keep and one you can give back to the student -Ha!-

There are so many things that we have to organize as teachers and I don't know about you but piles end up on my desk that I have to sort through by the end of the day. There are some many things that we need to file away and doing this amidst 20 kindergartners can be a daunting task. Here is when my new trick comes in handy! I bought a small storage cube, then added hanging file folders in it. on the top I print a address label for each child's name and stick it on top. I keep this right behind my desk and easily slip papers, notes from parents, work samples, tests, and report card information right in it. Then when I have as meeting about a child, or a parent conference I can grab it and go, and then I just replace it back in the cube when I return. It is a simple, inexpensive project that honestly has helped me save hours of work organizing and filing. I have been using this system for years now and I will never go back!


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