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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Online Books

Book are magical! We all know the importance of reading with your child, not only does it build literacy skills but it is also a great bonding moment and creates life long memories.

 I read to Griffin every night and he is only 2 months old! But as I read I remember the stories that I read as a child. Just tonight I picked up a book about Grover that I loved as a child. It was a book with a cassette (kids now don 't even know what those are -ha!) and when my husband came in the room, he laughed at me as I was reading in the voice I remembered from the cassette as a child!

One of the things I like to do in the classroom once in a while is show them a book read by someone else. There are hundreds of books on youtube that your child can watch and "read" online. I have compiled a list of books that I love reading and showing the kids. Here is the link so that you can share them at home with your family:

Mrs.Giglio's Online Book List