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Friday, May 22, 2015

Bricks 4 Kids

Today we had a great program visit our classroom! 

Bricks 4 Kids is a local program that uses Lego Bricks to teach!

The kids were so excited!! 

They had to listen carefully and follow directions to build their project

First they learned the official words, next sorted all the pieces.

Then the buildings began 

Can you guess what we are making yet?

The pieces started to come together

To make an ELEPHANT!!

They were so proud of their creations! 

For more there are camps and building opportunities locally this summer!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thunder Cake!!

This week we have been working on our How-To writing and our story of the week was Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco so it was the perfect time to make our own thunder cake in the classroom! I used the recipe from this website ( though the book has a recipe for "true" thunder cake in the back.

First we wrote the steps together

Then we got busy putting it all together

Everyone had a chance to mix and we poured it in the bowl

We then wrote the steps so we could make it at home too!

Then we had to wait...

We checked it after lunch and it looked ready!

So we went out for recess while it cooled. I think it was the first time they were ever excited to come off the playground! 

We dished it out and added some cool-whip and sprinkles of course.

They dug in

And everybody gave it two thumbs up!!

You can watch the story with your child (or class) here:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Author Visit!

Author Denise Barry visited us and read her book: Soap on a Rope!

Reading Buddies

We had a great time reading outside today with our 3rd grade buddies! What a fun way to start the weekend!