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Friday, February 5, 2016

Writing Celebration!

We have been working on persuasive essays in Writer's Workshop and the opinions have been flowing! I read essays on why we don't need homework, why we shouldn't sell soda to how new books would benefit our classroom.

We used the anacronym OREO to help us organize and plan out our writing. 

Today we celebrated the end of the unit by eating OREO cookies and even had a special guest (my son) visit our classroom!!

You can see the big Oreo on our board

I modeled how to use your opinion to persuade

Enjoying some Oreo cookies while we worked. 

Then celebrating with our special guest!

He was excited to be the line leader on their way to lunch! 

Buy by far one of our favorite parts of this unit was singing the OREO song! Here it is for you to enjoy at home.