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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today I received my Vistaprint Order! Woohoo! If you have not checked out Vistaprint yet you will be shocked with all that is available!
Vista offers FREE items on their web page. All you are responsible for is shipping which tends to be around $8.00.

I am so excited to share what I ordered, click on any picture to see it larger....

Here are "shopping" cards where I will write down their reading level for Reader's Workshop and they can keep in their book boxes. I wish I knew who to credit for this idea, I know I read something similar on someones blog and LOVED the idea

 I added a few things on the back for the kids to remember.

This is a large postcard that has all of my information on it. I will give these to parents at Open House for them to keep on the refrigerator or somewhere so they have my information when needed.
and this is on the back

 Here is a small business card that I will send in their welcome back to school letter. Just another way for parents to have my information handy.

 Pens and a rubber stamp with my name on it, good for stamping books I thought.

 Note cards. They read "Mrs. Giglio is Proud of You" I thought this would be a special way to recognize students.

And everything was FREE! If you have orders from Vistaprint and would like to share what you used it for I would love to here about it. Leave me a comment!


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