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Monday, July 18, 2011

Morning Mantra

I've been thinking a lot about mantra's. Something that could be similar to a class moto but also something that would really "stick" with them as we begin every day. My principal has certain things she says every day over the announcements such as: "Today and everyday be your shining star best." The kids do catch on and I hear them repeating it at times. Does it hold meaning for them, I'm not sure, but it think it is worth the effort.

Each day as I do attendance, I don't just call out their names or even have them move a stick. I say "Good morning" to each individual student every day. "Good Morning Suzie...Good Morning Mrs. Giglio" it lets kids know that I appreciate that they are there each day, that they are individuals but also that I care about each of them and they are special to me. Along the way it teaches respect, manners, and class number order.

As we come to the carpet each morning I say "good morning kindergarten" they always reply, "good morning Mrs. Giglio." so I was thinking of adding in a short little mantra to say each morning as we begin. It may be tweaked a bit as time goes on but here is what I have so far:

Today will be a great day.

I will respect Mrs. Giglio.

Mrs. Giglio will respect me.

I will try my best in everything I do.

I will be a good friend.

Today will be a great day.

If you would like a copy with clip art I have uploaded it HERE for you to use and change as needed. Enjoy!

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