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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bulletin Board

My annual back to school bulletin board is starting to come along. Every year I try to do something completely different. Some of the examples include: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look Who's in Our Classroom with a tree and Hawaiian theme. Kindergarten is the Place to "Bee" with a hive and little bumblebees buzzing around. Happy New School Year! with party hats, streamers, and confetti. One of my favorites;  Kindergarten is "T-riffic" with a real clothesline, clothespins and t-shirts hanging on the line, names on each tshirt and eventually little faces sticking out of each shirt. And last year, Cookies, shiny paper to look like foil, and large chocolate chip cookies on each "tray" with each child's name. The title was, A Great New Batch of Kindergartners.

This year...a garden theme: Look Who's "growing" into Kindergarten! I have trees and grass completed but check out last night's project;

Can you guess what it is yet??

The Very Hungry Caterpiller! Isn't he cute! So easy to make just paper plates and glue. The trick is using liquid glue and cheap, thin paper plates.

When I began teaching kindergarten my sister bought me a touching and inspirational book...
Caterpiller Kisses by Christine Pisera Naman.

If you teach kindergarten and haven't read it, I suggest reading it at some point of your career. It is a sweet tribute to the wiggly little caterpillars that walk through our door each school year. One of the quotes from the book that I plan to use as the centerpiece of my bulletin board was really my inspiration not only for the board but for my upcoming year...

“I call my children caterpillars because of the way they wriggle and wiggle their way through my door each August. They start off silly and unfocused, but then somehow without ever meaning to, through just the occurrence of growth, they become strong and sure just like butterflies. They wiggle in in August and fly out beautifully in June.”


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