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Friday, July 29, 2011

It has begun!

I was able to get an early start to working on my classroom this year and I am so happy I did! Here is a sneak peek of how it is coming along...

I think real estate people would call my classroom "cozy" meaning....SMALL. That means, I must get creative with furniture placement. I am so envious of those large classrooms many teachers have with closets, special meeting places and even play rooms. But my classroom is where I call home so here is what I have done so far.

It's not set up yet, but I love my Promethean board! I am so lucky to have it, it has changes my entire way of teaching!

The plan is to make this a little reading nook, it has a way to go.

 I tilted my desk this year to open the space up a bit.

Mrs. Giglio's Wall of Fame. All of the class pictures for each year of teaching! I love watching the older students stop by to check it out. Still needs to have the rest of the decor put back up but I love it already.

As you see here the back of the room is not done at all. I have to add my little curtains and but all the plastic shelves back, but the shelf is still on wheels until they wax the floor.

Hopefully once it is all done, the smiling little faces will be happy to call this home for a year and I will add more photos when it is complete.


Mrs. Mikos said...

Your room looks great!! I love how you have 4 different color tables and chairs - do you use those to your advantage?? I'm excited to see more! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Yes I love the colored tables they help me a lot with orginization and even giving directions. I can't wait to get in there again to finish up but it could be a few more weeks. Thanks again!

Mrs Giglio

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