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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snow Dough

Project Time Again!

This morning I worked on another project for the classroom. This one was really easy, it only took about 5 minutes, if that, and this would be a great project to do at home with young kids. It would promote math skills and have a fun product to play with in the end.

Snow Dough!

Snow dough is a soft moldable dough, think play dough, but isn't sticky its soft just like Moon Sand. You can mold it and then just as easily break it apart into its original form. Easy clean up and since it is made with baby oil it smells awesome.
How To:
Mix 8 cups of flour
1 cup of baby oil
That is all. See how it lends it self to an easy project even toddlers can do? Counting and mixing. (I used my hands to mix. so fun for kids) You can then add glitter or food coloring. I have read you may  even want to take it outside to make it feel cold like snow.

Here are some pictures of snow dough from Pinterest.
(I am having trouble uploading my own)
Your Kids will love playing with Moon sand. Just 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil, really soft and easy to clean up. (Doing it)Snow dough recipe for winter sensory playMaking cloud doughcloud dough (moon dough)Pinned Image


Angela said...

Hi! I was just wondering how much snow dough you ended up making for how many kids. I'm hopefully going to be using snow dough as a post-storytime activity next week, but I haven't quite decided how I want to present it to the kids yet. I usually have about 20 to 25, so I'm thinking about setting it out in shallow bins on the floor, with maybe 3 or 4 kids to a box. Any tips you picked up from doing it with a group would be SUPER appreciated. Thanks!

Mrs. Giglio said...

Angela, thanks for your comment. Unfortunatly I haven't used it yet since I am not back in the classroom until February. Each batch was 8 cups so it was a good amount. I would think if you make 2-4 batches it should be more than enough. Good luck!

Angela said...

Ooh, gotcha. Well, I actually gave the snow dough a go today, and I'm going to count it a success! My story time kids LOVED it, and although we ended up with a bit of a mess, it wasn't too bad. I used two pounds of flour (which I believe is roughly the equivalent of 28 cups). I'd like to get a few more trays for my next couple story times, but I had a smaller group today, so it worked out well. Good luck with your own snow dough experimenting!

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