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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Listen To Reading Document

Another Project! (I have been busy today!)

One of the things I struggle with when having my students working on "Daily 5" is accountability. I don't have a listening center so I use the classroom computers when the children are "listening to reading." We use the amazing websites bookflix, storyline online or my youtube playlist of books (find it by clicking HERE or on my Pinterest page.)

But after the students listened to a story they started playing around on the computer, or I noticed them not watching a whole book and spending the time clicking away. On Pinterest I found a great worksheet, easy and concise for students to fill out after they finished listening to a story. The problem? I couldn't find it to print it anywhere. So.....I created my own! I love when other teachers/bloggers share printables so I try to pay it forward and share too. Note** Sometimes when uploading to google docs, now called google share, the font doesn't turn out correctly so let me know if you have any problems.

Click the link below to get your own copy and Enjoy!!

Listen to reading document


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