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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quiet Critters

It will soon be time for me to return back to work after 6 amazing months with my new baby boy. Luckily, I love my job and couldn't imagine how much harder it would be if I didn't have those smiling faces to greet me each morning.

So just like I usually do in the summer, I am getting a few new things ready for the rest of the school year. Thanks to Pinterest I have found some really cute things I just had to try this year. If I have time to post them I will try to share as many as I can.


Today's Project: Quiet Critters

You give each child a Quiet Critter during a time that you need the classroom quiet. If a student doesn't follow the direction to be quiet then he/she loses their critter/ At the end of the quiet time all students with critters left get a small prize like a sticker. It is a nice reminder sitting on their table/desk and for those who are goal oriented this can help.

Here is how to make them. It was really fast (I made them all while the baby was sleeping and wrote this blog post too!)

You need Pom-Poms, glue, scissors, a sheet of craft foam, and eyeballs

Cut the foam into heart shapes

Glue on the pom-pom and eyes, and that is it!!

Here is my troop.
I have an annoying need for symmetry (ask anyone who has seen me work on a bulletin board) so there are 6 of each color, but you can make as many or as few as you would like. The kids could even make them as a craft. They would be cute at Valentine's day...hmmm that gives me an idea. We may have to make them (and red pop-poms are on sale after Christmas right now) The tricky part was sticking on the eyes, it could get a little messy for the kids but once dry they should be pretty cute.


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