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Monday, September 12, 2011

Writing Day #1

We begain our very first day of writing workshop today and it was a huge success! I was really impressed with the readiness from many of the students!

Today we just began slow and simple. We talked all about our writing journals and how they had nothing in them. The children were very excited to fill them up with great pictures and great stories. I started today with the kid writing model because we are not quite ready for a full worshop mode yet.

The children drew a picture, and many of them were able to work with me to say the sounds and write the letters. Here are some examples of our great work!

 Dominic wrote about a "muddy cat"

Alyssa wrote about the back to school "carnival"

Derek made a "Squrimy Alien"

I was very impressed! Parents you can help your child do this at home in just 2 steps! 1.Ask your child  to draw a picture and  after they are finished they will chose what word(s) they would like to write to describe their picture. 2.Strech out the sounds that you hear in the word together. 

In the beginning (like today) I  say the sounds as they think about the letter that goes with the sound.
For example: When Dominic said "It's a dirty cat" I said "ok what do you hear.... /d/..."  he said "D!"
and then wrote it on his paper. You continue with all of the sounds until the word it complete. This is something everyone can do at home. Obvously they don't  know every sound yet but practice every day and before you know it you will have a new writer at home!

Great job to all my kid writers today! 


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