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Monday, September 26, 2011

Reading Round Up #1 How to Read 3 Ways

This Friday will be our very first kindergarten reading roundup! I am so excited because I get to teach the first lesson. The idea of reading roundup is based on our reader's workshop. We are planning on teaching a reading mini-lesson to the children but also to all of the parents who are able to come. I think this is a great opportunity for parents to get a sneak peek into what reading looks like for kindergarten and also something that they can take away and do at home to better help their beginning reader.

Our first lesson is called; The 3 Ways to Read a Book, inspired by a lesson at the learning pad.

 Kindergartners often tell me "I can't read" when I ask them to read a book. This lesson hopefully will give them some strategies that they can use even this early in their reading life.

The lesson:

How do you read a book?

You read the pictures, read the words, retell the story

 The teacher will…

Model reading the pictures of a book

Model reading the words

 Model retelling the story.

The children will then practice reading one of the three ways with their parent (or shining star 5th or 6th grade helper)

After a set amount of time we will gather together to talk about how it went and which way they were able to read their book.

In the classroom we will create an anchor chart that shows the three ways to read a book.

Now we are on our way to becoming great readers...yeee-haaw!


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