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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reading is a Treasure

Reading Workshop has not begun yet but I am really looking forward to a special lesson that I plan to use in the opening days of the workshop. The lesson goes something like this...

Lesson: books are treasures

==> Have children sit in a circle around the perimeter of the group area.

==> Have your favorite book in a pretty box or package. Have the kids guess what treasure they think might be in the box.

==> Open the box and share your favorite book with the children.

==> Share your special memories about the book.

==> Have children get their favorite books they brought from home and set them in front of them.

==> Have the children use their eyes to look around.

==> Ask the children what they notice about all the books sitting around the circle. Discuss reading identities.

==> Have several children share their selections and explain why the book is special.

==> End with a discussion about books being one of the greatest treasures a person can ever own.

==> Send children to their tables to read and share their books with their friends.

(Thanks to thelearningpad for the lesson)


So when I do this lesson with my class this year I thought...What is better to get my point across than an authentic Treasure Chest! This summer I found a box at Hobby Lobby and jazzed it up using a hot glue gun and jewels from the dollar store. I plan on using this box to store all of my favorite books as I read them throughout the year. I always kept them in a special basket but now I think it will be even more special!


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