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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Brag Tags

By FAR one of my student favorite things this year has been "brag tags." After seeing several interpretations of reward tag type activities I decided to create one that worked for me and my classroom. I wanted to share it here in hopes that others may be looking for something new. 

Over the summer I bought Velcro, name tag badges designed for kids (they were in the school aisle but also sold online)  

Then in the place where the name would go I wrote and decorated different phrases like: "I was a great helper today" or "Math Superstar"  "I have big news" 
 Great listener, great partner, great friend also made the list. 

When a student did something great they would be given a tag to wear. They wore it proudly all over the school and could also be the line leader that day too so that everyone could see their tag. 

At the end of the day they retuned the tag but would get a post-it note with their name on it. The name went into the  wall and was proudly hung there for the entire school year. 

On every end of the year survey and writing piece about second grade, I have seen over and over students talk about how they loved having a brag tag. This simple and inexpensive motivator was a huge hit and one I'm excited to continue for years to come! 


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