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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Science Day

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It was super science day in our classroom! Today we moved our classroom to the school Multi-Purpose room and camped there for the day. We had an all day science experience.

Our second grade science unit is about balance and weighing. We began the day talking about the Scientific method and made super scientist crowns to wear for the day.  

Our first task was to balance a butterfly on a pencil.

Our science buddies helped us work through all of the experiments.

We balanced cubes on a beam by moving the fulcrum to different parts of the beam in order to get the weight distributed .

Then it was time for the arm balance

We weighed, compared and measured using objects, school supplies, and even food

We had a super science day!


Carrie Ann Herrera said...

I love this!

Mrs. Giglio said...

Thank you! We learned a lot and had fun!

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