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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Writing Workshop Play-doh Day!

Today we began our writers workshop. Iintroduced  the writing process to the class. 

I modeled the important steps

But instead of jumping right into their stories I had the kids move through the writing process with playdoh!


They had to think about what they were going to make before they even began


They were given a few minutes to start their project

They met with their partner to help give them suggestions on how to improve


Back at it to add more detail 


Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5 

Tomorrow we start our "Writing Boot Camp!" We will work hard on the basics of each writing step to make our writing really great! I'm so excited to share this new "boot camp" writing process with them I think they are really going to enjoy it and it think it will defiantly help improve their writing! 


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