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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Surgery Day!

What an exciting day we had today! We performed contraction surgery!

We began the week working in our readers notebooks on contractions. I didn't tell them about the exciting day we had coming up.


There were some great videos on YouTube that we watched and the kids really loved.

While they were working I prepared all the materials for the surprise "surgery" I printed, cut and laminated the patients.

I also found this great book on Teachers pay Teachers

Each book has a place for the word and the contraction.

Next printed up colored and laminated signs for the surgery room. 

Next I did the same for the hospital signs and hung them around the building for the kids to find.

I picked up the kids from lunch and assembled them in a group. I explained that we had some patients who need the their help! I told them that they needed to have surgery and we needed to get to the hospital right away. They were so excited to help!!

we searched for the signs throughout the building to find our way to the hospital room.

...In the stairwell

...on the doors

This is the surgical room I prepared for them.

When they got to the room they were given their doctor kits.

Complete with name badge, gloves, surgical mask and band aids. They had all they needed to become doctors for the day.

The doctors prepared themselves for surgery.

Surgery was serious work and took great concentration.

The finished patients were taken to the recovery room.

The doctors also had to complete their paperwork

After surgery was completed they worked in teams to play a contraction matching game.

the game got quite competitive.

They were so proud of themselves.

Surgery success! I think we may have some great future surgeons in our  midst!


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