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Friday, February 1, 2013

Picture Day

Today was my first day back! And I used the time to get a few last fun things checked off my to do list. Today I took a full length picture of each child posing how ever they wanted. Then I cut out the picture and put magnets on the back. Now we have a great resource of story telling, math problems, or even organizing things such as groups, or even attendance. Here is a picture from Pinterest to show you an example:

Family magnets - kids would have so much fun with these! ESPECIALLY with cousins

I also took a picture of each child holding up one of our sight words. Then I popped them into a powepoint presentation. I think the kids will have a lot of fun on Monday practicing their words and getting to see their friends at the same time.

Take a picture of each child holding a sight word.  Then make a power point presentation with those pictures of each child holding the words, and use it to drill the children on the words.


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