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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Letters and Sounds

One of the first and more important things that we work on in kindergrten are identifying letters and sounds. With many childern attending Pre-school now lots of new kindergarteners have a great head start when they can identify letters already. Can your child identify all 26 upper ans lowercase letters? If not that is something you can start working on right now. Often at open house parents will ask, "What can I do at home?" obviously it is important to read together every night but also try to check in and see what the grade level expectations are at that time and make sure your child is meeting them. Like right now your child should be practicing identifying letter and sounds.

Other than identifying the letters kindergartners need to know the sounds they make too. That can be tricky for parents to work on, because we use letters so often as adults we don't stop to think about the sounds that they make. so here are a few resources for you to use at home to help you and your child practice.

Online Letter Practice:

Music Video:
Printable Worksheets:
Matching Game:


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